Small actions with large effect

easymove is not just another app. It's a mindset, a movement.
A way of making people happier and closer connected.
It's a culture that strengthens well-being and workspace.

Key features


We use team based gamification to motivate and nudge to healthy work space habits.


Dynamic well-being surveys provides data and insights which enables intelligent app content.


Data is monitored in a live dashboard.
Reports are generated continuously .

What is easymove?

In the easymove app, there are a number of micro-activities that can be easily performed during working hours. The activities give points and you compete against other companies. You can challenge your own team (if more than one), see statistics and much more.

The concept is based on friendly competition and gamification and all activities are divided into three different categories: Community, Brain and Body.

The small actions have been shown to have a large positive effect on the company's overall well-being, the individual health and motivation and the development of a strong community among the employees.

About easymove

Get onboard

Get onboard. Increase well-being and support a stronger community in your organization.

As company


Contact easymove on for an activation code.


Send us the number of employees and teams you initially would like to have onboard.


Receive an onboard package with all information for management and employees.

As employee


Download the easymove app. You will receive an activation code and your team name.


Fill in your personal profile and choose your team from the list.


You are now ready to move and engage in a friendly competition with your colleagues.

Business as usual?

Most companies do not know the “state of health” of their organisation and the power of a strong community. They don’t measure the impact of their health related initiatives and they spend money on well-being and health offers only few people make use of. Most companies only react when the “damage” is done.

But time is changing. Health and mental wellbeing is top of mind for both company and employees, but often complicated to motivate and measure across the organization.

easymove is an easy and relevant tool for both management and employees. Motivation and engagement is crucial for success.

“Health care systems need to work toward a future in which the collective focus shifts away from treatment, to prevention and early intervention”.
Deloitte, 2020 Global Health Care Outlook

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