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The journey

easymove is a spin off from the company Running26, which has more than 20 years of experience and knowledge within implementing preventive health initiatives in danish workplaces.

We began the development of easymove when we saw that our core deliveries, such as physical training, very often only attracted those who were already active instead of creating a community for all. This was far from our ambition. Therefore, we decided to do something about it, and our initial solution was to develop an app based on gamification and scientifically substantiated micro-activities that create value and health for everyone.

We ended up with a solution that could also collect health and well-being data in order for the companies to get a better insight into the general state of health. In this way, efforts and action plans became more targeted.

After a series of successful test runs, insanely exciting data and super positive customer feedback, we launched easymove as an independent tech company in 2019.

Team easymove

These are the people behind the easymove experience.
You can read more about who we are here:
Stefan Nadelmann
COO & Co-founder
+45 2081 8088
Kristian Uhd Jepsen
+45 2576 8644
Bo Bay Hougaard
+45 2612 2040
Bjarke Kobberø
Co-owner R26 - Sales representant
+45 6179 7477
Camilla Buch
Senior Project Lead - Marketing & SoMe
+45 2990 4879
Nicklas Hyde
Senior Project Lead - UX & Customer Succes
+45 2613 2686

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We are looking for two new colleague. Get onboard!
We don't have any open positions at the moment, but you're welcome to reach out to us at info@easy-move.io

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