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easymove is the all-in-one platform that strengthens community and creates happier, healthier and more energized employees through daily micro-actions. Real change, one habit at a time.
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More than 10,000 easymovers from 30+ companies are already onboard

Healthy habits you can feel
Results you can measure


We believe strong relations help us grow and thrive. Corporate Health is a team effort. That is why all activities are customized to the culture and the needs of the specific organization.


It's easy to download the app and you can start competing in a few minutes.
We are very proud of our successful onboarding and retention rate that has an average of 80% across organisations.


Well-being surveys are easy to push out. They generate an instant and relevant insight and knowledge. All activities will be adjusted and customized according to the dynamic data dashboard.
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What is easymove?

In the easymove app, there are a number of micro-activities that can be easily performed during working hours. The activities give points and you compete against other companies. You can challenge your own team (if more than one), see statistics and much more.

The concept is based on friendly competition and gamification and all activities are divided into three different categories: Community, Brain and Body.

The small actions have been shown to have a large positive effect on the company's overall well-being, the individual health and motivation and the development of a strong community among the employees.

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Get onboard. Increase well-being and support a stronger community in your organization.

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You are now ready to move and engage in a friendly competition with your colleagues.
Customer & Education support at Dekra

”It's a fun way to have a friendly competition at work. All employees were engaged from the beginning and it's a perfect tool to strengthen relations among colleagues across departments. I can definitely recommend easymove".

Sara vinding
Head of People & Culture at Moment A/S

"From the very first day, all employees was highly committed to the idea and really keen on taking part. It has been possible to influence parts of the content in the app. Among other things, we have worked with our values".

Sales & Marketing at Freck Bolig

“easymove's small daily tasks have opened our eyes to a healthier everyday life, with a focus on both physical and mental well-being. The activities give us an energy boost and contribute to a stronger team. It gives us good laughs that strengthen the community".

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Our promise is to help companies recharge their employees, leaving them full of energy for their worklife and sparetime.

Check out how Freck Bolig, Dekra, Moment and Chr. Hansen all became easymovers.

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