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Read through our client case stories to find inspiration in businesses that are gamifying their work space habits.

A remote community

"In Moment, we have a very special culture with a focus on making it fun to go to work. We have now spiced it up with the fact that it must also be healthy. That's why we are super happy with the collaboration with easymove, which combines movement and community in an easy and playful way.
It's easy to get started and there is great help to pick up from easymove. And then it's fun!".

We are exited to have Moment onboard and to have the opportunity to inspire them on how to explore their Company Core Values in a new and engaging way.

Woman from moment talking on the phone

Playing with Company Core Values

A tailormade success

The desire to boost well-being, job satisfaction and community was the starting point for a very successful easymove implementation in the customer service team at Dekra.
Dekra managed to see the potential in utilizing the full range of options that the platform offers: surveys, tailormade content, intelligent push notifications and virtual kick offs.

All employees are very dedicated to the project. The participation rate is impressive and the commitment sky-high. Based on the positive start-up and the good results, the number of participants has doubled, and easymove has become an integral part of everyday life at Dekra customer service.

Three women in an office doing the plank
Three women jumping in a forrest

United easymovers

Team Freck Bolig has been a part of united easymovers from the beginning. United easymovers is a network where you strengthen your community and your physical and mental health in an open version of easymove, where the competitors are other smaller companies (1-10 employees).

Freck Bolig competes as their own team of three in a fun and informal community. They often inspire and challenge the rest of the network.

Motivation, commitment and everyday life changes through the year, as well as the activities in the app. In this way, Freck Bolig and the other teams will experience new and relevant content.

Gamifying work habits

We are proud to announce that Chr. Hansen has joined #theeasymovement. Globally, 4000 employees have been invited to join. Nearly 2,000 “Hansenites” participated in the online kick-off sessions.  ⠀

easymove is not just a campaign, but a tool to support the Chr. Hansen company culture. Like the existing cultural drivers, easymove helps create balance for better performance. easymove is a holistic approach to health and works as a platform to promote all health initiatives within the 'Hansen Health' concept at Chr. Hansen. ⠀

The “Hansenites” compete in changing tiny habits at work to stay healthy, motivated, inspired and more connected.

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Wanna play along?
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